Mafia, Triad and Yakuza
What the fuck do you want? Oh you don't know who I am? Let me spell it out for you. Chiyoko Hagiwara, one of the most feared women in the Yakuza to date. Now who the hell are you?
Status: Dead
M!A: NaN
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Anonymous said —
❝ Confusion. This one has questions about your origin human - glitchedFreedom ❞

origin human…?

do you mean chiyoko or

Animal Crossing New Leaf


I streetpass a whole ton of people, I HAVE TOO MANY BALLOONS, just ask me if you want some :D!

and i was like



eeh… reblog with a sprite/ref of your oc and ill draw them OFF style?


like this??? ya))


Feeling pretty artsy right now. Anyone want fan art of their OC?


Reblog if you would like one. Cut off at 7.



It is okay to have cis OCs.
It is okay to have trans OCs.
It is okay to have nonbinary OCs.
It is okay to have white OCs.
It is okay to have POC OCs.
It is okay to have skinny OCs.
It is okay to have chubby OCs.
It is okay to have muscular OCs.
It is okay to have straight OCs.
It is okay to have queer OCs.
It is okay to have OCs of any variation that you may desire your OC to be.
OCs are supposed to be fun role playing muses or people to write about.
Stop judging people for what their OCs are like. Unless they’re god mods. Nobody likes god mods.

Also, people do make mistakes with pronouns sometimes. Nonbinary people aren’t terribly well-known, and many people (myself included) don’t know any in real life. If they misgender on purpose, that is different, but reasonable people will correct themselves.

Anonymous said —
❝ PIE ❞

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Anonymous said —
❝ PIE ❞


Anonymous said —
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